Cynthia Nerangis, Founder & President

Cynthia Nerangis
Founder & President

Cynthia Nerangis is the founder and president of LemonLime Consulting, a boutique cultural training firm specializing in training global leaders to achieve an enhanced global mindset. Cynthia has extensive experience designing and leading successful training and consulting programs for managers, leaders, and expatriates working in global positions.

Cynthia challenges individuals to adapt their global mindset. She enables individuals to move to a new place, to create self-awareness and to learn cultural competencies to achieve global success. Cynthia makes the complex simple. She takes what seems impossible to learn or do and break it down into digestible, practical learning opportunities.

Cynthia’s life is an example of what she teaches. Growing up in a bicultural environment – American and Greek – and living and working in Greece and Germany as an expatriate early in her career, she gets it!  Cynthia is an expat and thus her experience gives credibility to the principles, tools, and training that she provides to her clients. Cynthia creates the ‘Ah ha’ moments with her clients to allow them to make a change in their strategy and the way they get things done around the world.

Cynthia Nerangis earned a Master of Arts degree in International Education specializing in Cross-Cultural Training & Development from New York University. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Modern Greek Studies from Boston College. Cynthia is an invited attendee at the annual Global Leadership Summit sponsored by the Global Leadership Initiative at Northeastern University. Cynthia has been interviewed by national publications including the Washington Post and Convene magazine. LemonLime Consulting is recognized by the State of Illinois as a BEP certified woman-owned business.

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