LemonLime Consulting is a boutique cultural training firm specializing in training global leaders to achieve an enhanced global mindset. We prepare global leaders and teams to adapt successfully to their new environment.  We equip individuals with the cultural competencies and tools necessary for global success. The road to global success begins with our strategy towards credibility, consistency, flexibility, and simplicity. We can assist you by offering customized training programs to apply to your global initiatives wherever your business takes you.







Challenging We challenge managers and leaders to change and to adapt their mindset. Success in a cross-cultural setting requires that individuals move to a new place, to create self-awareness and to develop cultural competencies.

Simple & Consistent We make the complex simple. We take what seems impossible to learn or do and break it down into digestible, practical learning opportunities. We make the training consistent and available in web-based, cloud-based, and in-person training formats.

Flexible We make the training easily accessible to you wherever you are in the world. We understand the expectations of the global manager and offer web-based, cloud-based and in-person delivery for our programs to ensure our clients get what they need to succeed.

Credible Cynthia’s background is an example of what we teach. Cynthia is bi-cultural – as an American and as a Greek. Cynthia is an expatriate and a seasoned Master’s-trained professional in the field of cultural training and thus her experience gives heft and credibility to the principles, tools, and training provided to global managers, leaders, and global teams. Cynthia’s team mirrors her expertise and has a depth of global knowledge to share with our clients.

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